From Balayage to Babylights: The Top Hair Colour Trends 2018

We’ve broken down the biggest hair colour trends in Liverpool for 2018. This list should help you decide what colour technique you should ask for when you dye your hair at a salon.

Hair by @claudiarotheram 


What is it:

Balayage is a type of highlighting where the colour is hand painted. The strokes created gradually and carefully climb up the hair to create a natural looking effect.

Who’s it best for:

Balayage works best for all hair types. It’s a low maintenance colour so if you’re not one to go to the salon very often, this one’s for you. Because of the way the colour is painted on the hair, it allows for more growth to show through before you need a touch up.




What is it:

Babylights are a type of delicate and subtle highlight. Fine strands of colour are placed throughout the hair to mimic sun-kissed or child-like highlights.

Who is it best for:

If you have super-fine hair, babylights are the way to go. Also, if you want a change but don’t want something as noticeable as balayage or ombre, babylights are a must.



Silver and Grey

What is it:

Dying the hair silver, grey or even white

Who is it best for:

People with darker hair may have a tough time achieving the right silver colour. With silver, where you end up depends very much on where you start. If you have yellows in your skin tone instead of pinks, this look could be for you as the tone will suit your natural skin tone.




What is it:

Dying the hair one or multiple soft pastel colours

Who is it best for:

Similar to silver hair, the darker your hair starts out, the harder it will be to get it to go pastel. Pastels can suit most skin tones though, to get the full effect, a cooler skin tone often works best.



Rainbow Hair

What is it:

When the hair is dyed with bright colours; sometimes including all the colours of the rainbow.

Who is it best for:

Rainbow hair suits all hair types and skin tones, however, it may be harder to get your desired colour if your hair is dark to start. You should choose the shade of rainbow very carefully—more primary colours tend to work better on darker skin tones. Our advice? Stick to one or two colours for a lovely effect that is easier to manage.



Flamboyage Hair

What is it:

A combo of balayage and ombre hair—it’s the new ombre

Who is it best for:

This colour will suit you if you’re looking for a change but don’t want anything as sharp as ombre. It gives a nice yet soft ombre effect.


Whatever colour you choose, be sure to find a reputable hair colourist at a great salon. When it comes to colouring your hair, you want to entrust your locks to someone who knows what they’re doing, so do some research to find the perfect salon for you.

All the colours mentioned here are fairly advanced and we’d caution against home dyeing. Remember, when it comes to colour, you get what you pay for.

What’s your favourite colour trend of 2018 so far? Did we leave one out you’re obsessing over? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Steps to Salon Perfect Waves At Home: CO Get The Look

No matter the weather, waves are a classic hairstyle that will always be on trend. But how do you get salon perfect waves at home? We’ve broken down exactly how to get flawless waves in just 5 easy steps.


1 Prep with a Good Blow Dry Lotion

We recommend applying CO by Andrew Collinge Blow Dry Lotion to towel dried hair The light non sticky formula will give a light hold, shine and some volume. It also has heat protection qualities which are a must when applying heat.

2 Blow Dry Hair on a Medium Setting

With your hair dryer on a medium heat, start drying the root areas first by simply using your finger tips to lift small sections of hair whilst directing the heat from the nozzle toward the roots. Work evenly around the head and once the roots are completely dry, start working on the mid-lengths and ends; again by using your fingers to lift a section of hair and taking them through the hair whilst directing the heat from the dryer. To finish the drying process, smooth out the top sections using a large round or paddle brush.

3 Tong Waves into Hair

To create the waves, take sections of hair and wrap them around a styling wand or tong. Take different size sections to keep it looking natural. As you work toward the top of the head, only wave from the mid-lengths to the ends


4 Add Some Texture, Finish and Shine

For the perfect texture, finish and shine, add a little CO by Andrew Collinge Definer ( to your fingertips and rake them through the lengths of the hair. The definer will gently separate the waves, giving them a long lasting definition and shine.

5 Finish Off with Hairspray for Extra Hold

Finish off with CO by Andrew Collinge Firm Hold Hair Spray for super soft but firm waves that last . Spray almost an arm length away to set the look. If you have stubborn hair, you can spray each wave after you tong it.

You can find all the products mentioned on the Andrew Collinge website(  You can also skip the guess work (and save a few pounds) by getting the Get The Look: Waves box. It has all the products you need plus instructions; you just add heat and go!

2018 Hairdressing Apprentice Open Evenings

Hairdressing Apprentice Open Evenings in Liverpool and Birkenhead

Our hairdressing apprentice open evening is the place to be if you are interested in starting a career in hairdressing. We frequently hold our hairdressing open evenings at the Birkenhead and Liverpool training salons.

Our hairdressing Apprentice open evening is aimed towards Year 11 school pupils enrolling onto our NVQ hairdressing apprenticeship courses.

Meet members of our hairdressing training team, apprentices & newly qualified hairstylists to find out everything about an exciting career in hairdressing and all the different directions it can take you.

January 2018
Birkenhead Andrew Collinge Graduates, 31 Milton Pavement, Birkenhead, CH41 2YA
Monday 22nd from 4.30-6.30PM

Liverpool Andrew Collinge Graduates, 99 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HF
Tuesday 23rd 4.30-6.30PM

February 2018
Birkenhead Tuesday 27th 4.30-6.30PM
Liverpool Wednesday 28th 4.30-6.30PM

Birkenhead Wednesday 21st 4.30-6.30PM
Liverpool Thursday 23rd 4.30-6.30PM

Birkenhead Monday 16th 4.30-6.30PM
Liverpool Tuesday 17th 4.30-6.30PM

If you want to find out more about a career in hairdressing, come along to one of the open evenings above, or better still, apply online here and we will send you a personal invitation.