Apprentice Intersalon Competition

Each year, Apprentices from Andrew Collinge Training take part in the Andrew Collinge Intersalon Competition. The annual event gives trainees the opportunity to demonstrate the hairdressing skills they’ve learnt over the past year, on a model of their choice, in front of peers, friends and family. The competition gives the Apprentices the chance to push themselves creatively and experiment with current trends in hair, makeup and fashion.

1st Year Apprentices
On the day of the competition, first year learners will set their model’s hair prior to arrival. Once they’ve arrived at the competition, they are given 30 minutes to dress the hair to create the final look. The judges will look at how inventive, creative and neat the learner has been and allow this in the final marking. Marks are then awarded, taking into account the final look, as well as makeup and clothing which should complement the hair.

All judging is done anonymously, with only the model and their entry number on the floor at the time of judging.

2nd Year Apprentices
2nd year learners are given a 60 minute slot to create a commercial look on a model of their choice. Rules of the competition state that they must take a minimum of 2cms off the hair and must use colour in some way. Marks are then awarded for neatness, creativity, colour and standard of the blow dry.

3rd Year Apprentices
Prior to the competition, 3rd year learners create a mood board to demonstrate their ideas and inspiration. This could include samples of colours, fabrics, and pictures which have inspired them to create their look. On the day of the competition, learners present these mood boards to the judges who discuss their ideas with them. They then have the afternoon to create an avant-garde look, which also has to have been coloured. The learners will then present the final look, with their mood boards at the end of the evening.

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